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Northstar Insulation Jacket

Sale price$325.00

Color:Army Green

The Northstar Jacket from THLETE is your ultimate gear for exceptional warmth and durability. Built with a robust, soft and silent Toray ripstop fabric and advanced Primaloft Gold insulation infused with Cross Core Technology, this jacket brings superior insulation and comfort to the field. Its incorporation of aerogel takes warmth to new heights while ensuring tear resistance. A soft polyurethane treatment enhances water resistance and breathability, ensuring your comfort in any weather condition. With the Northstar Jacket, elevate your hunting experience and conquer the wild with confidence.

Northstar Insulation Jacket
Northstar Insulation Jacket Sale price$325.00

PrimaLoft CrossCore: Unbeatable Warmth, Wet or Dry.

Trust the experts

water resistant insulation created with fibers that are inherently hydrophobic + repel water

Primaloft: Warm when wet.

ultra-fine fibers are designed to trap warmth. This allows us to keep you comfortable and thermally-regulated

Ultra Warmth