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Redefining Concealment

Unmatched concealment. Unprecedented success in the field.

born in the woods

Removing the human shape

Our camo patterns are products of scientific research and careful design considerations. They are strategically crafted to exploit the principles of visual perception and maximize camouflage effectiveness in hunting environments.

By incorporating irregular, non-repetitive shapes, lines, and color variations, our camo patterns disrupt the perception of distinct human silhouettes. They take advantage of animals' visual systems' tendency to perceive and interpret coherent forms and outlines. The complexity of our patterns make it more challenging for animals to detect the presence of hunters.

Furthermore, our camo patterns leverage the concept of spatial frequency filtering. They consist of a range of spatial frequencies that align and blend with the surrounding natural textures and features. This blending effect reduces the contrast between hunters and the background, minimizing the chances of detection.

Through our scientific approach, we have optimized our break-up camo patterns to enhance hunters' visual camouflage. Whether in elevated tree stands or on the ground, our camo patterns reduce the chances of recognition, increasing the likelihood of remaining hidden and undetected by target species.

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Core Principles

Macro Panels

At any distance, visual cues become more limited, and details tend to blend together. Our macro camo patterns takes advantage of this by using broader strokes and contrasting colors that create an illusion of texture and depth. This helps hunters blend in with the natural environment, effectively concealing their presence.

Spatial Frequency

Our camo patterns with the branch overlay are designed to optimize camouflage by carefully balancing the distribution of high and low spatial frequencies. In environments rich with dense foliage or intricate textures, we incorporate a higher proportion of high-frequency details into the pattern. This meticulous approach allows our camo to blend seamlessly with the fine details of the surroundings, ensuring hunters remain effectively concealed.

A.I. Color Depth

Certain colors contribute to an animals understanding of depth perception and three-dimensional visual effects. By incorporating light and dark shades in our camo patterns, we create the illusion of depth, making it more challenging for animals to detect our presence.

Contrasting Colors

Contrast aids in blending with diverse backgrounds and foliage. The variations in color intensity and hue within our camo patterns allow them to harmonize with different terrains, whether it's a forest, field, up in a tree or rocky landscape. This versatility ensures that hunters remain effectively concealed across various hunting scenarios and locations.


Dead fall pattern stands as the preferred choice for hunting environments across the Midwest, Northeast, Canada and certain dryer habitats in the West. Inspired by the natural elements found in these regions, our Dead Fall pattern seamlessly blends with the distinctive features of fallen leaves, branches, and decaying vegetation.

Designed to mimic the organic decay and color palette of the forest canopy and floor alike, Dead Fall offers unparalleled concealment in these specific environments. Its combination of earthy browns, subtle tans, and muted grays perfectly harmonizes with the surroundings, making hunters virtually indistinguishable from the natural landscape at elevation or on the ground.

Early Harvest

The Early Harvest pattern stands as the preferred choice for hunters across the South, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and areas where evergreen foliage and coniferous canopies dominate the habitat.

Its combination of warm browns, subtle tans, and deep greens perfectly harmonizes with the surroundings, allowing hunters to blend effortlessly into the natural environment. Whether hunting in dense forests in the trees, brushy terrain, or stalking game amidst evergreen canopies, the Early Harvest pattern ensures optimal concealment. It effectively breaks up the human silhouette.