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Dual - Layer Neck Gaiter

Sale price$45.00

Experience a game-changer in cold weather gear with our innovative neck gaiter. Skillfully crafted by sewing two distinct materials together, this neck gaiter offers unparalleled warmth and flexibility. One side boasts a windproof berber fleece, acting as a shield against the harshest conditions, ensuring you remain cozy even in the biting cold. Flip it around to reveal the micro grid stretch fleece, meticulously designed to mold perfectly to your face, ensuring warmth is locked in while preventing any escape of body heat. It doesn't just function like any neck gaiter
- it embraces the efficiency of a warm balaclava.
For those serious about braving the cold, this is your essential companion.

Color:Dead Fall
Dual - Layer Neck Gaiter
Dual - Layer Neck Gaiter Sale price$45.00

exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio

Waffle grid fleece