Phantom Softshell Pant

Windproof and water repellent, the Phantom Softshell Pant is a comfortable shell layer for the multi-climate whitetail hunter.



The Phantom Softshell Pant is designed for the hunter who faces multiple climates and weather conditions in a given season. The Phantom utilizes a wind and water-resistant shell made from a woven polyester face that is bonded to a warm performance fleece backer. The key to the Phantom Softshell is a zippered ventilation system that enhances air circulation during high exertion activity. The Phantom Softshell also incorporates Rip Stop Panels in key locations to increase strength and durability.

Windproof and water-repellency, the Phantom Softshell Pant is the ultimate shell layer for the multi-climate whitetail hunter. Teamed with a quality base layer, the Phantom will keep you comfortable down to the mid 30’s. When teamed up with the Mad Trapper Vest (400g windproof heavyweight), the Phantom/Mad Trapper combo will carry you through the entire season.


  • Large zippered ventilation designs from the upper calf to waist
  • 4-way stretch woven softshell/performance fleece backer 
  • Durable Water Resistance treatment to enhance water repellency
  • Wind Resistant with a grade of (0) Cubic Feet per Minute (CFMs)
  • Soft and Silent fabrics
  • High grade abrasion resistance  


  • 340g woven softshell with fleece backer
  • 320g Ripstop panels (solid gray)