Made in the USA

Hand crafted in St. Paul, MN
short runs
Our clothing is proudly manufactured right here in the United States. We feel that it is important for our brand as well as producing a quality finished product. We have contracted sewers that were hand selected from some of the finest factories in the mid-west. We take pride in being one of the few remaining brands that are loyal to providing goods made right here in the USA. Our clothing is sewn in short runs with extraordinary attention to detail to ensure you receive superior gear for your expedition.

Frankly, we are not ok with the decline of manufacturing in this country. The United States used to be an industrial powerhouse but as more cost effective alternatives arose overseas, the shift was fast and dramatic. There is a missing link, a heritage that was taken from us and we need to take it back.

Bottom line, we manufacture great gear with quality fabrics by hard working people with the initiative to keep USA manufacturing alive.

Knowing where your gear comes from is worth something and providing jobs has immense value to us. Yes, United States manufacturing is much more expensive,  and yes, it may be slower (on a per piece basis) than overseas mass production, but the quality and satisfaction we get by keeping our manufacturing onshore is much more valuable.

No American manufacturing industry has suffered more from outsourcing than textiles and apparel. The domestic workforce has shrunk by roughly three-quarters since the 1990’s. This needs to change.

That $100 shirt that you buy off the rack may cost $10 to manufacture overseas. Where does the other $97 end up? At Thlete, we do not have any major markups because we sell consumer direct. Our margins remain modest and the cost of each garment is going directly into the fabric, trim and the manufacturing. We do not have a bunch of hidden costs that we are trying to cover up. We want to manufacture a quality product at a competitive price point, period.