Rut Watch: The Pre-Rut | THLETE Whitetail Deer Hunting

Rut Watch: The Pre-Rut | THLETE Whitetail Deer Hunting

Oct 31st 2018

The latter part of this week will bring the first significant cold front of the season and the timing could not be better. Pre-rut activity is rapidly increasing, and with each passing day, bucks are ramping up there activity during daylight hours. Rut ready bucks will be triggered to move more frequently as the front proceeds to sweep east. The days of swatting gnats have passed, break out the cold weather gear and get into a tree.

As far as timing goes, the impending cold front is near perfection. Pre-rut activity should break wide open as the cold front moves across the Midwest and eastern portions of the country. As a hunter, if you are not excited by now, check your pulse. We are on the front edge of what looks to be a solid stretch of rut activity inducing weather.

What to Expect:
We are still a few of weeks from peak breeding. Anticipate an increase in rub and scrape activity and some chasing will begin shortly. Most bucks have not yet begun to venture far from their fall range. If you have a target buck that is considered a home-body, now is the time to go after him. He will still be close to his core area, but his daytime movement should increase dramatically once the cold front arrives. Now is an excellent time to bust out the rattling antlers. Bucks that are hopped-up on testosterone with no receptive does are agitated and looking to establish dominance. This is not the time to “tickle” the antlers together, let ’em rip and do your best to act out a knock-down buck brawl.