Hunting Deer in the Suburbs | THLETE Whitetail Deer Hunting

Hunting Deer in the Suburbs | THLETE Whitetail Deer Hunting

Jun 27th 2019

Hunting in suburbias across America

It is no surprise that metro hunting has become very popular in the past ten years and there is an excellent reason why; the suburbs have become a hideout for giant whitetails. Hunting them takes a different mindset and a lot of patience, but if you have the right piece of property, you may have the opportunity to take the buck of a lifetime. But rather than go into detail about the tactical side of hunting big suburban bucks, we wanted to share a couple of truly spectacular whitetails that lived in a small suburban park not far from St. Paul, MN. These two giants were alive at the same time and were believed to be two years apart in age. The first of the two was found dead from an apparent vehicle collision in the fall of 2009. His typical 10 point frame and towering tines make him a truly spectacular animal that grossed in the low 180’s (on top).

Big suburban bucks live relatively secretive lives. They adapt to pressure and human activity to become ghosts. Both of the bucks were found dead in the suburbs of St. Paul, MN.

The second (lower buck) was found on the interior of the same park as a skeleton in the spring of 2010. By that time the critters had picked him clean, and it appeared that he had been struck by a car as well although the possibility of a poacher was not out of the questions as another buck was found with an arrow lodged in his spine not far away. Either way, he was a truly magnificent animal with a gross score of 202 3/8″. While I never had the opportunity to hunt these two animals, I was humbled to have been the one to recover them both after their deaths.

Big suburban bucks are fascinating animals, and their willingness to adapt and survive is second to none. While we knew that these deer were in the area, they were very seldom seen. Besides the rut, most mature metro deer go unnoticed aside from midnight run-ins in backyard gardens. Locating animals of this caliber is a task in itself and getting permission to hunt them in metro areas can be quite the feat.

Metro hunting can be very frustrating and more often than not, hunts will end without a single sighting. Although deer of this caliber are scarce the odds of seeing a giant like this will often increase inside city limits simply because a lot of outside predation is cut off.