Hunt The November Full Moon | THLETE Whitetail Deer Hunting

Hunt The November Full Moon | THLETE Whitetail Deer Hunting

Nov 3rd 2018

We posted an article in Late September detailing our thoughts on the moon and its overall impact on the rut. In that article, we went against the idea that the moon triggers the timing of the rut. However, we left the door open to a few significant dates when the moon will have a more substantial influence on whitetail movement and one of the dates we discussed is set to fall on November 4th. This Saturday the full moon will be rising in the evening and if you want to test our theory, try to be in the field that day. Studies have shown that when you have a full moon rising in the evening, you will see increased movement during daylight hours. If the weather cooperates and temps are cold, action should be very good. Not to mention the pre-rut should be firing on all cylinders.

Weather still trumps the effects of the moon but if we have below average temps on the 4th, the mooncouldbe a contributing component to generate increased whitetail activity across the Midwest. If you are looking for that one magic day where it all comes together, where all influences combine to create raw havoc in the whitetail woods, November 4th has the potential to be just that. Granted, the majority of predicting whitetail movement is purely speculation, but that is what makes it intriguing; trying to crack the code of when mature deer are killable.

It is hard to deny the concept that the moon influences wildlife behavior. After all, the words lunacy and lunatic stem from luna, the Latin word for moon. It is believed that people and wildlife were more likely to show erratic behavior during a full moon. Whether you buy into the moon theory or not, November 4th is a great time to be in a tree waiting for a bruiser to come cruising by.